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Port Cratos is proud to present Ibiza's entertainment to North Cyprus...

Would you prefer welcoming the rising sun at a concert of a worldwide known performer or enjoying a quiet evening meal at a small Aegean town?

You can find all sorts of entertainment at Port Cratos. It has a BEACH CLUB, discos, bars, clubs and restaurants and each one unique in its own way.

GOLDEN CAGE, JUNGLE, MEY BLUE, MAD,LA PLAGE, LA MATTA and OCAKBASI RESTAURANT are all at Port Cratos; the peak of entertainment and enjoyment in style.

Port Cratos has brought a new perspective to fun and entertainment to the island and to the whole of the Mediterranean region.

The only place to eat fish on the island

Mey Blue Fish Restaurant has been serving the most delicious menus from both Turkish and Greek Fish Cuisines at high quality standards for the last three years. With its spectacular view, you feel as if you are dining at one of the finest resaturants at Bosphorus, Istanbal.

Seafood rice, smoked salmon, shrimps, octopus in red wine, specially marinated raw fish, pickled tunny, dried mackerel, black & red caviar, octopus rice and stuffed chards are some of the unique and delicious menus to choose from at the Mey Blue Fish Restaurant.

Mey stuffed pastry, served with minced meat and garlic yogurt sauce is the Mey Blue Restaurant’s speciality.

Mey Blue Restaurant with its magnificent sea view and Greek style decorated atmosphere welcomes you with it’s delicious foods.

The Mediterranean’s most entertaining beach and club!

The heart of entertainment beats at Port Cratos at CAGE CLUB.With its unusual concept, it is considered to be North Cyprus’s and the Mediteranean region’s most entertaining and extinguished club.

This Summer is hotter than ever at the Cage Club with beach parties including performances by worldwide popular DJ’s, percussion groups and dance shows performed by Justin Timberlake’s, Madonna’s and Rihanna's dancers.

Cage Club is open only during the summer months. It is a beach club 7 days a week during the day and a Club at night. Dance shows are on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 23:00–04:00.

In order for us to offer our services in a safer enviroment, we strongly advise you to make a reservation and bear in mind the entry terms and conditions.


The Mystery of the East combines with the entertainment of the West.All your dreams come true at the Golden Cage.

It offers the most delicious appetizers of the Lebanese culture as well as the most tastiest traditional Turkish Cypriot menus.

Golden Cage has made a great impact on the entertainment sector since the day it opened. During the past years, the club has caught the attention of many jetsetters and artists from Turkey and North Cyprus.

The most delicious Italian cuisine

The Italian cuisine prefered and loved by many people all around the world, has found a place at Port Cratos. La Matta serves Italy’s most enjoyed meals. The delicious dishes prepared by master chefs appeal to your taste, eye and heart. You will relish the moment...

With a magnificent sea view, Ocakbaşı Restaurant serves you the most delicious traditional Turkish hot & cold appetizers and kebab selections from the Adana and Urfa kitchen.Turkish Fasıl Music is performed by a group on certain days during the week.

Due to high demand, we recommend you make early reservations.

The exquisite and the most entertaining club of not only the island but of all the Mediterranean, Mad Club entertains and meets its guests with exclusive shows.

The new gem of Port Cratos dazzles with its decor and organizations. Mad Club, with its specially designed bar from Italy and appealingly lodges, is open 6 days of the week and hosts dance shows performed by dancers from abroad every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night.

In order for us to offer our services in a safer enviroment for you, we recommend you make reservations in advance and follow the entry terms and conditions.

Salutations Mediteranean region!!!

Imagine raising a glass to someone on the other side while enjoying the warm sun on a pure white sandy beach and crystal clear sea.

La Plage opened in 2011 as a Cafe-Bar and Nargileh Bar. It offers a wide selection of menus from kitchens all around the world and is a perfect place to take a break between 09:00-24:00. La Plage is open during the summer season.

Summer has never been this prestigious!

The tiny island COCO BONGO, located on top of the sea, with cabanas designed similiar to those in Las Vegas has breathtaking sea and mountain views. As you drink your cocktail, enjoy the cool breeze and let our team of employees work for you. While you enjoy the sun and sea, let us bring the food of your choice to your cabana from the restaurants or bars you prefer.

If you want to be on a private island and be pampered with food and beverage services, then you are in the right place. The cabanas at Coco Bongo can be rented daily or for a whole season.

COCO BONGO provides its services during the summer season.

The exotic flavours, different tastes and organic ingredients of the Chinese cuisine can be found at the CHINA ROUGE RESTAURANT. Feed your bodies and minds with filling menus and feel the mystical atmosphere of the Far East with food prepared by Master Chef Qiang Chen, helping chef Xing Juan Zhou and sushi chef Miss Soithing Thippichai.

This restaurant offers traditional Turkish food with unbelievable tastes.